Email sent – 20 February 2015 18:39

Dear Ms Smart

Mrs Parnell is still grieving. She is having to
look after her poor daughters who have had to undergo terrible things in their
short lives – many caused by Stockport LibDems. I tried to act on Mr Parnell’s
behalf to stop him being arrested when he entered Stockport Council to try to
sort out council tax arrears which were being fabricated against him. I wasn’t
allowed to. He was, in case you have missed the point, a completely innocent
and sick man.

I was the one person trying to help him and Stunell
said if I was trying to help him he would have nothing to do with his case,
despite being paid handsomely to do just that. Now it would appear you are
taking the same stance.

I would ask again to reconsider your decision about
allowing me to accompany Mrs Parnell to your office to discuss Mr Parnell’s



—– Original Message —–

From: Lisa Smart

To: Sheila Oliver

Sent: Friday, February 20, 2015 10:39

Subject: Recent correspondence

Mrs Oliver,

Due to your continued poor treatment of colleagues and members of the
public and the vexatious nature of your behaviour I don’t feel it would benefit
either of us to meet.

Lisa Smart

Office of Lisa Smart
Prospective MP for Hazel Grove