Dear Laura

Thanks for your letter above. I would never, ever vote for LibDem PPC for Hazel Grove Lisa Smart, and here is why.

She is running a dirty election campaign. Do I want someone who is a nasty piece of work as my local MP? No, I have had enough problems with the horrible Mr Stunneybuns.

Do I want to vote for someone who is currently destroying ancient woodland and Green Belt? No. Do I want to vote for someone who intends to destroy the habitats of otters, kingfishers, breeding lapwings, owls and the Lesser Silver Water Beetle in order to purchase a few votes for her and her very dodgy political cohorts? No.

Do I want the beautiful Goyt Valley at Stockport destroyed? No. Do I want the beautiful, peaceful graveside of my lovely young son enhanced by a bypass yards away? No, although LibDem Leader Councillor Derbyshire wants that for her young son’s graveside. She is one strange woman!

Smart let her mask slip when I attended Mr Stunneybuns constituency office (which I pay for) to raise the issue of LibDem human rights abuses at Stockport – the bullying to death of a sick, innocent man. Smart couldn’t bundle me out of the door quick enough – her and her “partner” – another nasty piece of work.

When Smart has got what she wants from you, Laura, I doubt she will take your telephone calls.

I used to think you were a councillor with principles. It would appear I was wrong.