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Security guard happy slaps a manager. Stockport Council run by cowboys

Town Hall Protester Posted on Fri, July 31, 2015 20:37:16

These vicious security guards were allowed by corrupt Roberts, Derbyshire, Goddard et al to continue to make false allegations about Mr Parnell until he died, even though they had been found to have committed perjury at his Crown Court Appeal.

Corrupt and vicious LibDem run Stockport Council.

CCTV proving his innocence not allowed to be shown at his trial

Town Hall Protester Posted on Fri, July 31, 2015 06:43:09

This is the Stockport Council CCTV of the ludicrous alleged assault with a sneeze of which Mr Parnell was accused, found guilty and sent to prison. At a three day Manchester Crown Court appeal when this CTV footage was finally shown and the Stockport Council guards were proved to have threatened him and committed perjury Mr Parnell was acquitted.

My question for corruptly vicious Stockport Council is why wasn’t this CCTV footage allowed to be shown at Mr Parnell’s original trial. Corruptly vicious at the top Stockport Council had this footage, knew no assault had taken place and Mr Parnell begged the Council, Police, CPS to have it shown at his trial. It wasn’t

I can only assume there is Masonic linkage between then Leader, Lord Goddard, the Stockport CPS, the Stockport Police and the Stockport Magistrate’s Court (now due to close thank goodness).

There must have been a conspiracy to dispose of a chap who had the audacity to ask corrupt Lord Goddard for counselling for his lovely, then troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council.