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Anwar Majothi is a liar.

Anwar Majothi Posted on Sun, August 02, 2015 17:11:24

Mr Parnell never withdrew his consent for me to act on his behalf. Majothi is not a fit person to hold public office

Sent: 29 March 2012 21:22
To: Anwar Majothi
Cc: MICHAEL PARNELL; e-mail iwwall; DAVID PENKETHMAN; Steve Houston
Subject: Re: Your Stage 2 complaint

Mr Majothi

is a ridiculous situation. If I were to make an official complaint
against you – and I have
very, very good cause to do that
– then would you also deal
with the complaint against yourself? Well, this is Stockport Council so
you might!

might submit a complaint against you to see how that gets dealt with, unless
you come to your senses regarding this one. Obviously, if you spent years
and years pussyfooting around not dealing with a simple, cheap-to-solve complaint
about the statutory duty to provide counselling from troubled children adopted
from Stockport Council resulting in multiple imprisonments of an innocent man
at a cost to the taxpayer of probably hundreds of thousands of pounds, then I
don’t have much confidence in your ability to do anything either compentently
or honestly.

this is going up on websites, Mr Majothi.

this complaint to someone competent to deal with and also someone uninvolved
with the abuses that have been perpetrated against a completely innocent man.

look forward to hearing from you. It was stated publicly that Steve Houston
deals with complaints against the Monitoring Officer. Tell him to get off
his bottom and do just that.


—– Original Message —–

From: Anwar Majothi

To: ‘’

Cc: Adrian Moores

Sent: Thursday, March 29,
2012 3:06 PM

Subject: Re: Your Stage 2

Ms Oliver,

you for your email. I have discussed this matter with my line manager, Mr
Adrian Moores, whom I have copied into this email. Mr Moores agrees
with me that the investigation of Stage 2 complaints is solely assigned to me
and it would therefore be inappropriate for the complaint to be passed to
someone else to investigate.

light of this, you can either give me the go head to investigate your complaint
at Stage 2 or you can escalate your complaint to the LGO (although I have
already advised you that it is unlikely that the LGO will investigate your complaint
at this stage).

let me know how you wish to proceed.


Anwar Majothi

Corporate Complaints Manager

Stopford House

Stockport Council


Tel: 0161 474 3182

Fax: 0161 474 4006

From: Sheila Oliver []
Sent: 27 March 2012 18:28
To: Anwar Majothi
Cc: MICHAEL PARNELL; Steve Houston; Leader; Eamonn Boylan
Subject: Re: Mr Parnell

Mr Majothi

have absolutely no confidence that you will investigate this complaint in a
proper fashion. Over the many, many years this has been going on you
could have solved the problem of Mr Parnell by providing the statutory help
that he was entitled to for his troubled daughters adopted from Stockport
Council and you could have done this at minimal cost possibly five years ago.

would be ludicrous for you to investigate this complaint. A complete

look forward to hearing the response from someone senior to deal with this
matter. This case is being taken to the Inspectorate for the CPS,
who are again today highly critical in the press of the prosecutions they
are bringing. Mr Parnell’s prosecutions didn’t even meet the CPS’s own
basic, legally binding guidelines for prosecuting a case.

responses from the Council will be posted up in the public domain and forwarded
to the very many enemies of the LibDems. Rupert Murdoch seems to be
cleaning up politics now (it is a funny old World), and I can contact him
directly via Twitter about what is going on here. I think the Council
needs to make sure all its actions stand up to close scrutiny, because Mr
Murdoch is hell bent on revenge on dodgy Coalition politicians. Just
think of the human rights the Council has abused in this case, not only of Mr
Parnell but his daughters and wife. The Council has a track record of
driving vulnerable people to suicide. You should have helped him – that
is your job. The LibDems believe in human rights; they are against waste
of public money. Well, this must have cost me as a taxpayer hundreds of
thousands of pounds and I am jolly annoyed about it. Just think how this
case would look splashed everywhere highlighting their double standards. Rupert
Murdoch would love this one.



PS I have told you why I am unhappy with the Stage 1
complaint. Here we go again around in never ending circles, just as
we did with what I correctly stated was the school on a dangerous toxic waste

Original Message —–

From: Anwar Majothi

To: ‘’

Cc: Steve Houston ; Info Services

Sent: Tuesday, March 27,
2012 10:42 AM

Subject: FW: Mr Parnell

Ms Oliver,

write to confirm that your email below (and your email of 22nd
March) have been brought to my attention. I note that you have requested that
Mr Houston investigates your complaint further at Stage 2. I should inform you
that this would be inappropriate given that I am specifically tasked with
investigating complaints at Stage 2 of the corporate complaints procedure. Mr
Houston has already investigated and responded to your complaint at Stage 1.

you still wish to proceed with your complaint I would be grateful if you would
let me know why you remain unhappy following the Stage 1 response? I look
forward to receiving your comments within the next 10 days. I will then
investigate your complaint and aim to provide you with an outcome within 20
working days.

if you do not wish for me to investigate your complaint you can escalate your
complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO); however it is unlikely that
they will investigate as your complaint has not been exhausted locally. The
contact details for the LGO are as follows:

Government Ombudsman

PO Box 4771



0845 602 1983

0762 4804323



Anwar Majothi

Corporate Complaints Manager

Stopford House

Stockport Council


Tel: 0161 474 3182

Fax: 0161 474 4006

From: Sheila Oliver []
Sent: 26 March 2012 20:27
To: Steve Houston
Cc: Anwar Majothi; MICHAEL PARNELL; Eamonn Boylan; Leader
Subject: Mr Parnell

Mr Houston

the letter sent by you on 8th March 2012, I can’t request Mr Majothi carries
out the stage 2 complaint process because he is up to his neck in this
case. He should have realised the Council had a statutory duty to help Mr
Parnell and got off his bottom and done something. He didn’t – year after
year after year. He is a massive part of the problem. You will have
to deal with the Stage 2 complaint.

have heard nothing back from Mr Parnell, so the letter of authority stands
until you send me written confirmation that he doesn’t want me to act for him
or I hear further from him. I am happy not to act on his behalf as I have
a lot on my plate, but I wonder if the two council officers you mention are the
same ones who threatened to kill him, kick his f*cking head in and ram his
phone so far up his backside he would be sh*tting phone parts for a week, or,
indeed, the ones who attacked him. Or, I wonder if they are officers
who knew all this was happening (I sent you the video evidence) and did
nothing about it. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t take the word of
anyone at Stockport Council. Documentary evidence is needed before I stand

am taking the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, who have
recently been very critical of the CPS. I didn’t know they existed. Mr
Parnell’s case should never have been taken by them to court as they failed to
prove the five statutory tests they need to establish before taking a
case forward, and they took a huge number of cases forward against him.

no whitewashes please. Just do your job and do it properly and every step
of the way I shall keep interested parties informed of your responses.

some points from your letter which need raising:-

1) “this letter has addressed the
issues raised under Stage 1 of the Council’s corporate complaints
No, it hasn’t!

“I have decided not
to uphold your complaint”.
This is not surprising
but nevertheless disappointing. You were, of course, always likely to
support Mr Khan.

3) “It would be inappropriate for
the Council to investigate the complaints you have raised on behalf of Mr.
Parnell…..he subsequently spoke to two Council Officers to retract the

comment is unacceptable. It is vital to know who these supposed council
officers are? Please detail their names and the
circumstances of this alleged encounter.

“As you no longer
have authority to act on behalf of Mr Parnell, the Council is not obliged to
investigate the issues you have raised on his behalf.”

I do have authority unless you prove otherwise.

have experience of the Council’s complaints system which is innavigable.
I raised with Mr. Majothi the fact that the school which I correctly stated had
a £5 million black hole in its funding, was to be put on unremediated toxic
waste. I got nowhere with Mr. Majothi and I think you will realise that I
am no quitter. He is impossible to deal with. There are entire
websites devoted to the sheer incompetence of our Local Ombudsman and as they
employ former senior council officers, their impartiality is in doubt.

I have repeatedly raised this matter with the former Chief Executive, the
Leader, the Current Chief Executive, Khan, Webb and all the Executive Councillors.
I have the email evidence. To say I have not raised this matter before is
an untrue statement and I wonder why you should claim that despite a large
amount of documentary evidence to the contrary. I have been branded
vexatious for contacting the Council repeatedly. If the Council
stopped sending innocent council taxpayers to prison and failing to investigate
their valid complaints, there would need to be less contact.

“Mr Parnell should
have complained about these issues sooner”.
Parnell tried and tried and tried, as can be confirmed by the local
reporter. He was repeatedly arrested for trying to enter council
buildings. I have had to plead with the police not to arrest him for
trying to leave a council meeting early. You forget there is masses of
documentary police and court evidence. Please do not insult my
intelligence by making such ludicrous statements which are ill-befitting to a
senior and highly paid Council officer.

letter is full of shoulds and mays and inappropriates and when you say it is
difficult to investigate Mr Khan you mean you really don’t want to.

proceed with this complaint and do so in an honest and professional matter,
bearing in mind the close scrutiny to which your replies and indeed the whole
complaint process at Stockport Council will be put.



Public inquiry into deaths in police custody – Cheadle Heath Police Station

Town Hall Protester Posted on Sun, August 02, 2015 11:12:43

Email sent – 2nd August 2015 08.58

Dear Home Secretary

I wish to submit evidence to the deaths in police custody

This is concerning Cheadle Heath Police Station at Stockport
where two people have died in custody as I understand it.

Michael Stuart Parnell RIP – a man Inspector Clitherow of Stockport Police has
admitted in writing was completely innocent – was repeatedly held in custody at
Cheadle Heath . The experiences terrified him and he attempted suicide
there. He did not die there – he died sometime later aged just 58.

You might want to have a look at which police officers were
on duty this night and see if they were on duty the other times people died in

Mr Parnell was used to death threats, beatings, offensive
language and other threats on a daily basis in his dealings with Stockport
Council. Video evidence below:-

Mr Parnell was used to being set up, arrested and imprisoned
for offences/crimes that hadn’t taken place:

On this occasion below Mr Parnell was sent to prison for an
offence that Stockport Council, Stockport Police, Stockport CPS and Stockport
Magistrates Court knew hadn’t taken place. They had CCTV to prove it
hadn’t taken place but that was not allowed to be shown at his original
trial. It was later shown at his three day Manchester Crown Court appeal
and he was acquitted of the ludicrous offence of assault with a sneeze:

Absolutely nothing happened – no assault – nothing.

Mr Parnell was sent to prison for this offence – a very sick
man. His council protest was in trying to get counselling help for
his lovely, troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council. The
prisoners at Forest Bank knew his case involved children and because he was
such a sick man he was taken straight to the prison hospital. The other
prisoners believed him to be a paedophile and he was treated accordingly.
In time the other prisoners came to like and respect him, as did the prison
officers, and believe in his innocence. They thought the councillors,
senior council officers, senior police and CPS officials were scum, and who can
argue with that interpretation?

Parnell was finally released due to his ill health but had to endure two years
8am to 8pm house arrest. He couldn’t even attend his dentist. He was
banned from entering the centre of the town, wasn’t allowed to attend medical

These are just some of his custodies and arrests – a man
admitted by Inspector Clitherow to have been completely innocent:,-arrests,-imprisonment.html

Mr Parnell just wanted counselling for his lovely daughters
who had had a terrible time with their birth parents. A simple request.
One of the girls had the wrong details on her birth documents so if he took her
to A & E she didn’t exist. After 10 years of being ignored by
Stockport Council (it is how they operate) he decided to stand on the Town Hall
steps until someone helped him. He continued to be ignored until Dave
Goddard became leader – a man named under Parliamentary Privilege as a cohort
of a notorious gangster by Andrew Bennett MP. The gangster was Douggie Flood, a
member of the Manchester Quality Street Gang. Mr Flood’s family in a
court case over his estate admitted that their father had indeed been a

Goddard became Leader the vicious treatment of Mr Parnell began. Can’t we stop
him protesting he is stated as saying in the Council Log:-

Mr Parnell attended every council meeting when he was not in
custody or in prison to beg for help for his family. Their only response
was to arrest him for things like trying to leave a council meeting early or
using the town hall loo. I can proved he attended these meetings to beg
for help and Stockport Council had a legal duty to provide it to him:

In addition, I was writing to the Council every day to beg
them to stop this treatment of a sick, innocent man who was only asking for his
legal right to counselling for his children. The corrupt council officer tasked
with sorting out his problem and who did nothing reported me to the Information
Commission for nuisance contact with the Council. I offered to work
on Mr Parnell’s behalf to sort out his simple problem but they refused to let
me. His local MP, a useless man at the best of times, refused to
challenge the actions of his political cohorts.

How did Councillor Goddard, on the Police Authority, get to
waste possible 1000s of police man hours on a personal vendetta against an
innocent man he had a legal duty to help and he was paid to help. He has
now been elevated to the Peerage, yet Nick Clegg was fully informed of what he
had been up to. How can such a lawbreaker have been elevated to the
position of lawmaker? Would we have such a terrible situation in
Manchester currently in gun crime etc if Fahy had used those valuable resources
to tackle crime instead of acting as henchman for his ?Masonic chum Goddard?

After Mr Parnell’s acquittal they continued their vicious
treatment of him unabated. When I hounded the Chief Constable Fahy about
the waste of police time, eventually he stopped arresting Mr Parnell but he
allowed the police to continue to attend the ludicrous council call-outs.
It will be a good day for the people of Greater Manchester when he
leaves. When they could no longer have him arrested, the Council
falsified council tax arrears and continued to hound him that way with constant
court cases and, again, it will be a good day for Stockport when our
Magistrates Court closes, as then grubby and corrupt local politicians won’t be
able to use the courts as their henchmen. The Council even hounded him whilst
terminally ill in Intensive Care over £24 he didn’t own in the full knowledge
of the seriousness of his condition.

So, although Mr
Parnell didn’t die in police custody at Cheadle Heath, he did attempt suicide
there and of all the terrible things that happened to him done by
corrupt-at-the-top Stockport Council, being in custody at Cheadle Heath Police
Station scared him the most.

Yours sincerely

Sheila Oliver

c.c. to Tim Farron LibDem Leader 2/8/15 08.58, although he had been informed of this dozens of times previously and took no action.

Tim Farron received this email. Will he finally take action and expel Stunell, Goddard, Derbyshire, Pantall, Candler, Meikle, Roberts, Derbyshire et al from his party? Only if he is an honest man.