Motion text

“That this House welcomes the decision of the electorate in Stockport to reduce the number of Liberal councillors on Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council on 4th May, so ending their control of the Council; deeply regrets their decision to offer Independent Councillor Goddard a place back on the planning committee in exchange for his becoming a Liberal councillor; notes that he resigned from the Labour Group because the Labour Party decided not to re-appoint him to the planning committee in May 1999; further notes that this was because of his friendship with a property developer, and the apparent use of his position on the planning committee to help that developer and in particular to gain planning permission for him for building in the green belt; and believes in local government matters it is essential that local councillors are both honest and seen to be honest, and that the Liberal Group on Stockport Council is setting an appalling example in bribing Councillor Goddard to support them so they can cling on to power”.