Dear Sheila
Thank you greatly for your offer but I have to decline, not that I don’t appreciate it but the loss of well earned money would be a crime to waste it, its not that I decline your help but justice should be free, Pannones in manchester I had consultation with in 2008 and they agreed then without the later issues as now my case would require a judicial review which would demand 85 hours of investigative work at £198 per hour for an under clerk and that I could be required to have securities of £800K and they don’t operate pro-bono,
My belief is justice will come in the easiest way Common Law for common people will come in a common way public disgust in the public interest.

The council won’t be able lawfully to keep suppressing their accountability with them under the spotlight they will become hot around the collar and when they sweat the salts of my case will come out, Media attention is now on our side we can film and record them and even though my past filming is hurtful I look forward to the fun filming them in the future,
Today I received a letter for Stunell wishing my operation went well and that my belief of his appointment of the queens honour he will now have to be seen to work harder not that he can just sit back because of his title, he says he stands ready to assist again if I wish,
He is not a newcomer to being filmed if I do take him at his word my contact and any meeting will be filmed he can no longer hide and if he now fails he could be required to answer to the queen.
I think we will just for a while have to keep chipping at their hard faced skin to get under their guilt, for acknowledgement rather than denial

When they start to fall I will be there to catch them, they will not take the easy way out schults lucas et al I will be after them, if they keep coming after me or wishing to I will stand fast to my rights, justice will remove the blindfold from the lady with the scales and sword so she is clear to see the facts.

Sheila thank you, your offer warms my heart but no the money can not be used to challenge the faceless ones to their gain but no I won’t allow it.

Love and many thanks

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Subject: Mike, I want you to go to Pannones


They do human rights cases and they are not likely to be in the same Masonic Lodge as SMBC officers and councillors which Stockport solicitors might.

If I give you some money would you be able to do that?