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What was this £4k into LibDem party coffers spent on?

Stunell MP Posted on Mon, March 30, 2015 19:34:37

What did Andrew Stunell know about Cyril Smith?

Stunell MP Posted on Tue, March 17, 2015 16:25:48

Sir Cyril Smith (centre)

What did Andrew Stunell know about Cyril Smith?

Stunell MP Posted on Tue, March 17, 2015 16:25:41

Sir Cyril Smith (centre)

Don’t trust these two with our precious NHS

Stunell MP Posted on Thu, February 19, 2015 16:48:48

Embedded image permalinkStunell voted through the Health and Social Care act. Don’t trust him.

I pay Andrew Garner’s salary, but he hangs up when I telephone

Stunell MP Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 19:27:58

Andrew Garner @andrewgarnernet works in Andrew Stunell’s constituency office, which I pay for. I am a constituent of Andrew Stunell MP. I pay circa £250k per annum to run his constituency office.

When I telephoned last week to question an inaccuracy in Lisa Smart, LibDem PPC’s election leaflet, he hung up on me when he found out it was me on the phone.

Andrew Garner needs to show respect to the people who pay his possibly inflated wages.

Andrew Garner
“Andrew Garner

Head of Office for The Rt. Hon Sir Andrew Stunell MP at House of Commons”

Previous – Godliman, Watson Homes Ltd, Whalley & Spyra
Education – Stand Sixth Form College



by burylibdems on October 2, 2014

Ann and Andrew Garner have asked us to pass on their thanks, now that they have moved near to Marple in Hazel Grove Constituency, for your Lib Dem support and for the many friendships that they have made. Ann & Andrew have been Bury Activists, Bury Exec Members, Prestwich Councillors on Bury Council and School Governors. Their two grown-up children have ‘flown the nest’ leaving them free to downsize to a small country cottage in Charlsworth, just outside Marple. They hope that Bury Members can help as much as they can in order to ensure that voters appreciate that Lib Dems continue to lobby and campaign for a fair society where everybody gets the opportunity to get on in life and fulfil their potential.”

Failed LibDem candidate 2011 – 277 votes

“Candidate Pitch

I am standing for election as a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Bury. The Lib Dems in Bury have been an effective, constructive opposition to the Conservatives at the Town Hall, and we want to build on our success in recent elections in Prestwich by winning elsewhere in Bury this time round.

Nationally, it’s a difficult time for the country. Labour’s legacy of debt and deficit meant that whoever won the last General Election, we’d be suffering big cuts now. In government, the Lib Dems are having a real influence despite making up only one sixth of the coalition. We have reduced income tax for millions, introduced a pupil premium, and scrapped Labour’s ID cards.

Where Lib Dems run Councils, they do well. No Lib Dem-run Council anywhere in the country has cut Sure Start funding this year, and despite Labour-run Councils slashing jobs, on the whole Lib Dem ones have been more sensibly managed. I want a Lib Dem Bury Council to make sure this happens in our borough.

The Conservatives running Bury have made some controversial decisions, and operate in a way many people find undemocratic and secretive. Meanwhile, Labour offer no constructive opposition or real alternatives. Their recent budget proposal was judged unaffordable by independent financial experts. Meanwhile the Lib Dem opposition secured vital amendments to the Council budget, saving local facilities.

Lib Dems are a real alternative for Bury, and could be a fresh start for the Council. That’s why I am a Lib Dem candidate, and I urge you to consider me on 5th May.

Votes: 277″

Failed LibDem candidate 2012

Yvonne Creswell (Con)
Andrew Garner (Lib Dem)
Susan Southworth (Lab)
Nichola Wood (UKIP)

Mr Stunneybuns nearly votes against his own bill

Stunell MP Posted on Thu, January 29, 2015 21:01:03

Mr Stunneybuns publicly-funded leaflet folding machine

Stunell MP Posted on Sat, January 24, 2015 18:22:49

£5,000 – kerchinnnng

Let’s rid ourselves of this nuisance

Stunell MP Posted on Fri, January 16, 2015 19:34:09

Mr Stunneybuns and LibDem PPC Local Lisa Smart telephone Mr Parnell’s widow twice and called at her home once asking her to vote LibDem. To vote for the very people who kicked her husband into an early grave aged 58. She was deeply distressed and angry by their calls. How’s that for a nuisance call eh?

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