Dear Mr  Vali

I told every LibDem panjandrum what was going on, even Lord Avebury:

Lord Avebury couldn’t have cared less –

Even after Mr Parnell attempted suicide in police custody the ludicrous arrests continued –

Again, the corrupt Stockport LibDems sent him to police custody –

Goddard’s  Masonic ?? henchmen at the Magistrate’s court refuse him bail. Why?

They won’t even let him have the electronic tag removed on Christmas Day –

Mr Parnell foretold that the Stockport LibDems would hound him to death –

Just some of the council meetings Mr Parnell attended to beg for his legal entitlement to help for his adopted daughters –

Another way of hounding him was to fabricate council tax arrears –

Simple request to vile Stunell –

Vulnerable council taxpayers hounded whilst terminally ill in Intensive Care over £24 he didn’t even owe –

More to follow