They drove Mr Parnell to attempt suicide in a police cell some years back. Even that didn’t stop the persecution of him, which carried on until a few months ago.

Why not do the job they are all very highly paid and legally obliged to do and that is to provide help for troubled children?

In addition to standing on the town hall steps for two years in the faint hope that some councillor or official might help him, he also attended almost every council meeting and has proof of that in the form of agenda documents for every meeting he attended. They all knew what was going on. Every chance they had they had him arrested – for using the town hall public loo, for trying to leave a meeting early, for trying to ask a council question as to why he had been wrongly imprisoned and why the punishment was continuing after he had been acquitted on appeal at Manchester Crown Court. I witnessed their treatment of him so many times and I, on occasion, begged the police not to arrest him.

In Stockport we live under the LibDem jackboot.