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Why didn’t senior council officers do their jobs and sort out his problem?

Town Hall Protester Posted on Sun, June 09, 2013 17:21

Dear Sheila
Re: the assault by Francis Craughwell the council’s SSK security guard and aided by Stephen Duggan the lead council’s SSK security guard,

On the 17th April 2009 I approached the glass entrance lobby outside Stopford House, Piccadilly, Stockport to follow up on the questions that were asked the previous night in the town hall’s main chamber where the full council meeting of the 16th April 2009 was held.

On my approach the two above-named security guards were standing in the doorway to the glass entrance lobby; I asked politely to go in and was met with a response – no you are not coming in. A young child, who was also standing at the doorway shouted to his mother “the police they just told him”.

I further asked if I could come in and stated the council was breaking the law. The situation became that of a Mexican stand-off. I was outside and security guards were inside glass lobby doors. After a while, without warning, Francis Craughwell struck out hard and pushed me in my chest forcing me backwards towards a flight of steps. The young child then said to his mother “they just made him”. I did not retaliate in any way only that I said I would be using the council’s pc to report the council’s breaking of the law. The standoff situation was broken when the police arrived and the security guards took them inside. A police officer then came out and because what was said by Francis Craughwell, I was placed under arrest for assault because the security guard said he had hurt his back when he was pushing me. (If reasonable force was used, how could he hurt his back? A later statement made by Mr Craughwell to the police was that his injury meant he had to take time off work. Funny that the facts show his next working day he was fit and well laughing and joking with a female council employee. Their joking about led to the security guard who is said to have an injured back, pushing the female employee causing her to over balance and lose her footing. (If a council employee security guard SSK is said to be unfit for work, how can he be also in work fit and well earning wages and sickness pay? Both could not be allowed at the same time.

I pleaded my innocence to the police officer and that it was myself that had suffered the assault. He commented that I’ll be given my chance in court to mention this. Following my arrest I was put on police bail and the case was put to be heard in court January 2010; that never happened – it never came to justice before the courts

The assault and arrest are recorded on video and Mp3.

(not yet fully recovered from this trauma it still causes distress)


(I witnessed the security guards be found by Judge Bernard Lever to have perjured themselves in court, as did the Stockport Express reporter – Jennifer Williams – Sheila)

Anwar Majothi on the case, heaven help us all!

Town Hall Protester Posted on Sun, June 09, 2013 15:16

Dear Anwar Majothi

I write in reply to your Email dated 2nd May 2012 10:54hrs which I opened on the 3rd May 2012 at 16:00hrs.

In rely to your request for the dates and names to progress my complaint to stage 2, the facts for further investigation must be those that would cause no further delay to the same as those said to have been already investigated at stage 1.

So as not to duplicate my complaint, please could you supply to me the dates and names that were investigated by Mr Denis McCarthy at stage 1 which was found by him not to contain any evidence that the security guards had assaulted me or made threats to my life.

There are many assaults on different dates that are required to be submitted separately for investigation and each of those individual complaints justification.

Following our meeting on Monday the 30th April 2012 I forward in this reply submit a further complaint that is one of the many assaults that have been reported to the police, following levies paid to the police service from the council tax I forward the correspondence (below) sent of the assault by coumcil employee’s, the council has a duty for submitting complaints to the policing service within the stockport community neighbourhood policing teams.

(As above) letter submitted to the police along with attached statement

Chief Superintendant Neil Wain

Stockport Police Station

Lee Street


Greater Manchester



Date 17th February 2009

Dear Chief Superintendent Neil Wain

Hello Chief Superintendent Neil Wain I hope you are well, I Michael Stewart Parnell write to you. following my visit to Cheadle Heath police Station Sunday 15th February 2009 at 08:00 hrs, on that day I was called there to give statement to the assault that happened on the 11th February 2009 the FWIN number is 1317, 12/02/09.

I call upon you to look into this on my behalf and please accordingly write stating why this matter is not being investigated by GMP, this matter on Sunday 15th February 2009 between 15:00 hrs 19:00hrs was brought to the attention of Cheshire Constabulary headquarters at Blacon Chester, the advice I was given there over the four hours attended was that if this matter was put forward to their force they would have to investigate,

There was contact between Greater Manchester Police and Cheshire Constabulary on Sunday night, as there was concerns for my safety.

I will be truly grateful if you could look into this matter and also answer to the letter I sent to you on 17th January 2009 I have not yet received a reply or acknowledgement, please accept my statement I tried to put forward Sunday morning for the assault 11/02/09 the enclosed 5 pages.

Yours Sincerely

M S Parnell, esq.

Mr Stunell meeting his public – the wife of a LibDem councillor

Stunell MP Posted on Sun, June 09, 2013 09:01

The lady in the picture just under the word Stunell is the wife of LibDem Executive Councillor Martin Candler, so hardly a member of the public!

Have a look at what the morons will be destroying

Bypass Posted on Sun, June 09, 2013 07:17

LibDems funnelling taxpayer funds to key LibDem Constituencies

Bypass Posted on Sun, June 09, 2013 07:13

It couldn’t happen in Stockport, could it?

These documents can be more clearly read at

Hunter, Stunell and Danny Alexander hold a meeting, the details of which are to be kept secret from poor taxpayers, to fund a LibDem vote winning road for which there is no business case and no traffic modelling under a decade old, so no proof that it is needed. Iffy, or what!

Self-praise is no recommendation

Council jobs Posted on Sun, June 09, 2013 06:06

“Stockport Council has a strong track record of achievement and is well respected and forward thinking. Despite the tough financial climate we are striving for improvement in our services. As our Head of Legal and Democratic Governance, you will have the opportunity to use your expertise to the full, against this exciting backdrop of ambition and innovation.

In this key role, you will be leading our professional and well respected Legal and Democratic Governance Service. As well as managing and supporting your team, you will tackle a variety of high-level challenges working closely with Members and senior managers, providing support and specialist legal advice. Through your expert knowledge and leadership, we will establish systems of good governance which ensure that decisions are made in a lawful, solution focused and transparent way.

We are looking for a confident, experienced professional – a credible leader with a positive, driven approach. You will inspire trust and encourage your people to perform at their best, implementing change if required. You will also be a qualified solicitor or barrister with post qualifying experience and have the attitude and enthusiasm to lead and develop the service and its employees.”

“Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Ref: EX 23739
Employer: Stockport Council
Location: Stockport
Salary: £51,365 – £58,476
Salary Grade: M Band 1
Working Pattern: Full Time
Working Hours: 37 hrs per week
Contract Type: Permanent
Closing date: 01/07/2013 10:00
Job Type: Democratic Services/Political, Legal, Management/Senior Management
Interview Date: 10th July 2013″