Email to the ghastly local MP – 05 January 2012 22:38

Dear Mr Stunell

I might be wrong, I often am, but it seems there is not a single document regarding the Blackstone site available to the public, except a handful of duplicate agendas.

How embarrassing would this be (if it turns out to be the case). I shall eagerly await the reply and forward it to the Daily Telegraph regarding their planning campaign. Do you remember us being able to be armchair auditors and look under the bonnet of councils? Well, not under LibDem jackboot rule in Stockport, we can’t.

Apparently Khan has offered Mr Parnell circa £9,000 in compensation for the atrocities committed against him by you lot, but when Mr Parnell wouldn’t accept a gagging order, Khan shut up. I tell you this, Mr Stunell, I did nothing wrong to Mr Parnell – quite the opposite, so I am not coughing up for compensation. If you are too lazy to do your job and your bent political cohorts are just downright dodgy, then they are the ones who should be paying compensation from their own pockets. I am going to make a huge fuss about this and any compensation could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, or even more.

I have raised the matter with the District Auditor, a man who like you enjoys a quiet life untroubled by work distractions.



PS I heard Bert or Ernie on the Today Programme. Weedy, insignificant voices seem to be de rigeur in the LibDem pa