Email sent – 23 June 2012 07:42

Dear Mr Stunell

Many thanks for your letter.

I have one concern I would like to raise. At the meeting it was felt that a higher court would need to give permission and not a magistrates court, but you seem to make no mention of that.

I lay out below my concerns regarding magistrates courts in general and Stockport Magistrates’ Court in particular.

It is well accepted in law that Magistrates’ Courts are not impartial, often comprising councillors. In the case of Stockport Magistrates’ Court, I was present while a very sick, innocent man was repeatedly imprisoned in Forrest Bank Prison for the “crime” of asking for his statutory right to counselling for his troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council. When released from prison he was put under 8am to 8pm house arrest for two years, so he couldn’t even visit his dentist! Again I stress he had done nothing wrong and had been set up by corrupt staff at Stockport Council who were found at an expensive to the taxpayer, subsequent 3 day appeal at the Crown Court in Manchester to have lied in court:-

I remember you refused to help him at all and were very scathing of my attempts to get justice for a completely innocent and peaceful man whose only crime was to annoy the LibDem Executive Councillors in asking for counselling, which he had a legal right to expect for his very troubled young daughters, who weren’t even told by Social Services for 10 months that their birth mother had died.

Secondly, I am currently very concerned as to how there seems to be no Separation of Powers at Stockport Council/The Magistrates Court with council officials apparently acting ultra vires and carrying out legal functions which they are not empowered to do:-—court.html

Finally, we have a corrupt council, as is evidenced by the shocking case of the Toxic Waste Dump School – built deliberately too small at a whopping cost of £10 million to the council taxpayer and the Council is now talking about having to re-open a new school a few yards away. I told you, the Council, the Secretary of State for DCLG, The Secretary of State for Education and next door’s cat that it was being built too small enclosing evidence. You saw nothing wrong – and Stockport Council banned me for raising the matter. In addition, the school was to be put on unremediated brown asbestos, lead and arsenic, was deliberately put in a dangerous traffic situation that the police have complained about, there is circa £5 million adrift in the funding, there are no sports facilities to replace the lost playing fields demanded by Sport England and the future mesothelioma claims may well bankrupt the town, as they council’s insurers won’t pay and the council only demanded £5 million in public liability insurance from the builders – the same amount of public liability insurance I need to have a stall on Stockport market – and no contamination insurance whatsoever for a school built on a still gassing toxic waste dump.

Sadly, LibDem run Stockport is a corrupt council. I would, therefore, justifiably have no confidence in them or anyone who has been repeatedly willfully blind to the corruption all around us in Stockport.