Email sent – 15 January 2011 12:08

Dear Chief Constable

For further information, to stop Mr. Parnell repeatedly being arrested I offered to act on his behalf with the Council. I provided a letter of authority. The Freedom of Information Officer, Clare Naven, said it was a year old, she wanted an up-to-date one and she would write to him. She didn’t. I went round some weeks later and myself got a letter of authority to act on Mr. Parnell’s behalf and sent it to the Council. Ms Naven refused to accept it and wouldn’t give me any reason why she wouldn’t accept it. She said I was to ask Mr Parnell and he didn’t know why either, so stalemate. Therefore, I was unable to help sort Mr. Parnell’s problems out for him when I could so easily have done so. I am still willing to act on his behalf. I have copied this to the culprits involved at the Council and they can contact me and we can work together to solve Mr Parnell’s problems if they wish. If they don’t I shall keep you informed.

The Council doesn’t want to sort his problems out at all. They act, in my opinion, in a corrupt manner.