Email sent – 05 September 2012 16:44

Dear Mr Stunell

Now you have more time on your hands, please have a look at the shenanigans at Offerton Precinct:-

200 companies registered at this scruffy shop in North London, just one of them with £700 million through its accounts. Goddard, Hogg, Weldon, the Corrises x 2, Meikle, Smith and Alexander bending over backwards to help these crooks.

I have taken the matter to the Chief Exec of HM Revenue and Customs. Whether that means an investigation into Goddard and your political chums I don’t know, but I do know that entire planning process was corrupt – the precinct could have been developed to a high standard by John Harrisson years ago. Your cohorts prevented it, and I am sure why the did that will come out in the wash.

I believe the Sandringham Road development at Cheadle Hulme was also decidedly iffy. Must dig deeper into that one

As for losing your ministerial post, remember God moves in mysterious ways.

Must go now, Jesus needs me for a sunbeam!

Mrs Oliver