“Dear Sheila
Hello how are you, I hope you are all keeping well.
I am sending you this information for a further insight into council officers immoral deceitful un-lawfulness, please use this email with sensitivity.

karen is troubled with how the council and their persecution of me is in her worries killing me, it was a bad time for karen when I was in hospital, firstly I had to sign a declaration before surgery that I agreed and understood there was a possibility that 1 in 4 men having my operation don’t make it through the procedure, that over and passed karen seeing me in intensive care was worrying the worst was not over, to let you know on the 24th of april 2013 the day before I went into hospital I spoke to peter jones about the summons to attend court on the 9th of May 2013 and he would ask for a hearing of a different date, while I was in intensive care, we both karen and myself received summons to attend court on the 2nd of May 2013, karen before the hearing in court contacted peter jones and has she couldn’t deal with this additional stress agreed to pay the said amount of what they think we owe in council tax of £24 for the year 2012/2013 at a rate of £10 per month plus the court costs for 2years his acceptance from the terms karen made meant he would stop the liability orders in court, yet this did not stop the hearing and it went ahead and an order was granted, without our rights to be heard in a fair hearing, if everything was correct for the court then what has happened now monday this week we received a demand for a new amount because of a mistake they have made, the applicable amount of £167 is the same as our income of £0 which they say is confirmed by the DWP of £0.00, and the council will close our claim if we don’t prove we have no accountable income within the 14 days from the 6/6/2013.

I will keep you informed but just use this at now between us, karen wants it all to stop and if the council said we have to pay double the council tax she would agree she now feels we can never receive our rights when fighting against the council before one of us is dead.

Love to all mike”

Mike was officially classed as a vulnerable council taxpayer, having been driven to attempt suicide by the Council/CPS/Magistrates Court/Police treatment of him. Chasing a man with serious metastatic cancer in Intensive Care for £24 of ficticious council tax arrears! I have seen all his documents – he owed no money.