Email sent to Peter Jones, Head of Council tax -23 January 2011 19:05

Dear Mr Jones

Please see the attached authority from Mr. Parnell to act on his behalf (img 193).

Please also see img195. I am sure you, as I do, want a simple resolution of this whole matter, so that no more council taxpayers’/taxpayers’ money, court time or police time will be wasted on this matter.

Could you please give me an explanation of how from img 195 attached the 2002 benefits arrears of £485.05 have arisen. There were no arrears from the end of 2001 and at no time had the Parnell’s financial or other circumstances changed. The Parnells were, as far as I am aware, entitled to full council tax benefit during this time, so how could any arrears have arisen?

I very much look forward to hearing from you in 10 working days.

I shall cc this to the local reporter who has covered Mr. Parnell’s case.

Kind regards