09 September 2013 15:23


I spoke to Mr Parnell shortly before he was due to go into hospital. He hoped to be well enough to see me in 3/6 months after the operation and I am waiting for some sort of update as to his health.

As I said to him when we spoke his health and recovery are far more important than his complaint – which spans numerous years – and I am more than happy to give him an update when convenient.
I have not contacted him or emailed him as he gave me the distinct impression there was a real risk of him not surviving the surgery and I wanted to wait to see that he did and still wanted updates regarding this.

I did ask for some confirmation from Mr Parnell as to how he would like his complaint finalising and have information for him should he wish. Please pass on my best wishes, I am happy to discuss this with him further.

Thanks for your email

Alan Clitherow

Insp Alan Clitherow
J1 North INPT
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Email sent by me Inspector Clitherow – not sure of date but have email copy

Mr Parnell is paralysed with a spinal tumour and dying and you have still done nothing. His family is very bitter about what has been done to him by the presumably Masonically linked Council, Police, CPS and Magistrates’ Court. What has gone on will be broadcast as widely as I am able.

Yours in disgust


PC Panda would do a better job than you.