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c.c. Michael Parnell; barry khan; STUNELL, Andrew;; FOI Officer

Dear Mr Battersby

I merely point out that it is ludicrous of the Chief Constable to cry on the shoulders of a Guardian journalist about not having enough police manpower when for years he has allowed hundreds of hours of police time to be wasted hounding an innocent man, who in all his trials it transpired that his only “crime” was to go to Stockport Council to ask the highly paid panjandrums for counselling for his troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council.

Khan, the Council Solicitor, and the man who could have sorted this problem out years ago, has now said I can act on Mr. Parnell’s behalf. If the Council tries its usual tactic of delay and losing documents, that will be exposed in the public domain. Otherwise we might obviate the need for police intervention. I tried to act on his behalf before but Clare Naven refused to accept his letter of authority and refused to say why.

Stunell, his lazy local MP, could have acted too but he couldn’t be bothered or wanted to cover up for his corrupt colleagues at Stockport.

I am not making a complaint about Mr Fahey, but I do question his suitability for the job.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011 10:08 AM

Dear Ms Oliver

I refer to your email sent to the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police on the 15 January 2011 that you have copied Councillor Paul Murphy of Manchester City Council into. Councillor Murphy is the Chairman of Greater Manchester Police Authority.

I note that you are suggesting that Stockport Council has wasted police time in having police action taken against Mr Michael Parnell and that the Chief Constable has taken no action against the Council.

I shall be grateful if you will clarify whether you are seeking to make a formal complaint against the Chief Constable of the Greater Manchester Police or indeed any other officers of Greater Manchester Police, either in your own right or on behalf of Mr Parnell.

If you are seeking to make a formal Police complaint on behalf of Mr Parnell, you will need to obtain his written authority for you to act on his behalf in making a complaint and in this connection, I attach a third party authority form that you will need to ask him to sign and once he has done this, I shall be grateful if you will return the signed authority to myself at the Police Authority.

If you are seeking to make a formal police complaint, it would be of considerable assistance if you could provide me with as full details as you possibly can of the actions on the part of officers of Greater Manchester Police that have been taken against Mr Parnell that you are seeking to complain about together with dates of the incidents in question, if at all possible.

If you are making a Chief Officer complaint, responsibility for dealing with the complaint will remain with Greater Manchester Police Authority under the provisions of the Police Reform Act 2002. However, responsibility for investigating complaints against officers of the rank of Chief Superintendent and below rests with Greater Manchester Police and, in that event, I will refer the matter on to the Complaints Manager of the Force Professional Standards Branch for him to deal with further.

I look forward to hearing from you further.

Yours sincerely

Nigel J Battersby


Greater Manchester Police Authority

Salford Civic Centre

Chorley Road



M27 5DA

Tel: 0161 793 3040