31 March 2013 09:43

c.c Cllr Iain Roberts


The external police line at Fred Perry house is 0161 8569502. This is staffed by support staff between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. I’m sure you can appreciate that the nature of our job means we have to be out of the station a lot and the public want us to be out patrolling. There is a voicemail facility on this line which we will always pick up and reply to within 24 hrs.

I am more than happy to discuss specific issues to do with the police however would ask that you refrain from copying me in to emails of the nature of the below. Mr Parnell’s complaint is a matter for Mr Parnell and I, and although I’m happy to deal with concerns raised in a constructive manner I do not expect to receive emails containing spurious allegations and threats.

Thank you

Insp Alan Clitherow
J1 – Stockport Central NPT
X 69701
Mobile 07795 811575


Dear Councillor Roberts

I have Mr Parnell’s written authority, submitted to the Council, to act on his behalf.

Having sat through his 3 day £10,000 per day acquittal at the Crown Court, I know that if he enters Fred Perry House he will face 5 years in prison as punishment for a crime of which he was acquitted! The Police, now established at Fred Perry House, are well known for not not answering the phone. Therefore, I ask you to act to sort out the deplorable situation this completely innocent man finds himself in. All the Executive Councillors were full aware of what was being done to him and sneeringly condoned it, as were Majothi, Khan et al.

I will share this email exchange via my blog with Twitter and Facebook. I have today posted up Mr Parnell’s case on Michael Crick’s Twitter page, as he is asking why the LibDems failed to act regarding Mike Hancock MP. I shall tweet it to Nigel Farage and Rupert Murdoch. Neither of these two is particularly enamoured of the LibDems. You, Councillor Roberts, might find yourself featured in The Sun, and not in a good way.

Of interest, I note from Councillor Goddard’s Twitter account what a close relationship he has with the Police, and I have always maintained the only explanation of what happened to Mr Parnell is one of a Masonic Revenge club.

So, I ask you to look into Mr Parnell’s disgusting treatment at the hands of LibDem-for-a-decade Stockport Council of which you are an Executive Councillor, and will post up any reply on Twitter.