The police have recently made it clear Mr Parnell was never guilty of any offence whatsoever.

I have made a FOI request of Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosectutions, requesting documents pertaining to all the proceedings against Mr Parnell. I wrote to him three times previously; he could have acted to help Mr Parnell but he chose not to – with tragic results.

In one of the letters below appears the following prescient comment from me:- “

Very soon we will be reading in the press of the death of Mr. Parnell or his daughters and crocodile tears will be shed by the crocodiles at Stockport Council.”

What I also now need to know is why Crown Prosecution Service paralegal John Derbyshire (any relation to Leader of Stockport Council Sue Derbyshire – a leading persecutor of Mr Parnell?), presumably for the purposes of continuing to persecute Mr Parnell maintained that Fred Perry House was simply a re-naming of Ponsonby House. What a liar he is!

These documents can be more clearly read here –