Email received – 04 April 2013 17:15

Dear Sheila

Hello Mike here, I hope you are well. I feel a lot better
because today a great stress was lifted. What is derogatory when the council
can report me to the police and ask for my arrest contrary to s4A POA 1986 and
today at the revived trial in Stockport Magistrates Court I was acquitted in
less than 5 minutes of that allegation. So the false reporting was to divert the
true course of justice. If the council’s pointing finger is not defamatory
because I’m not an official, then my arrest was and now the courts have made it
official. I will have the requested memorandum to show, so the council’s hate
crime towards myself will end them in court and then we will see who has been
true full in doing and intent – (defamation to damage a person’s true character
is unacceptable)

Restored character lawful citizen, Mike,
law from questioning the council’s lawlessness)

Bent, nasty and vicious LibDems.