During 2010 there were 112 pages in the six issues, including a few supplements, and contained within – excluding the ‘Your council’ pages, were 17 pictures of Dave Goddard and eight pictures of Councillor John Smith. Not too far behind was Councillor Helen Foster-Grimes………………….The special edition in the March to April issue contained the
same story and pictures about getting active (and needless to say the almost obligatory picture of John Smith) as did the January to February issue.

But worst of all is the cost – a freedom of information request for the cost of the six issues published in 2010 showed the cost as £147,000 – an outrageous waste of public funds. Two a year would have meant an annual saving of £1m over ten years. What could they have done with this million pounds? This paper is just pure LibDem propaganda which is proved by the fact that it never publishes photos of a Tory Minister – onlyLibDems…. My advice would be to produce it every six months and remove all the blatant electioneering – i.e. the unnecessary photos of LibDem ministers and councillors such as John Smith with a spade (January to February issue).”