Dear sheila                  Just a line to say a heart welcoming thank you for your emails when i see my words coming back from others then this would be our finest tool in our challenge against the council when all they are doing is to silence us and bury us deep and tied up under their pile of wrongdoings and unlawfulness, if they could not get things right in the past and are not getting things right now, then how can we trust them with our future, and the futures of the young that are yet to come, who do not yet know what this council is capable of doing to them, we must protect the future because the past has gone and we cant get it back so we must not forget all we have had, and hold on to that and learn to do better as not to waste that which we have learned, when people work together we feel better for helping others and its nice when someone help us even when things are going wrong you could feel safe when there are people who care, if only we could all be the same rewards are feeling good about what you have done for others,we are alone when we have no one to give our thoughts and hopes too, things will only get better, the wrongs have no place in our trueful hearts, the attachment i have sent is the arrest to prevent breach of the peace, the police dont understand what they are doing and they dont listen.    thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts                                                 all my love mike