16/07/2009 07:39

Dear Chief Constable

Having spoken to Mr. Parnell regarding last night’s incident, he confirmed to me that he was treated, as almost always, with great kindness and consideration by the Stockport police officers.

I arrived shortly after the incident, the police car was parked outside the town hall with its emergency blue light still flashing, so the police were called by the Council as a matter of urgency. What had Mr. Parnell done?  – Entered the public toilet in the town hall!  While inside the town hall a police inspector was explaining to the council committee about his lack of manpower and, indeed, whilst addressing the meeting his phone went and the chap who speaks in his ear was constantly talking to him reporting incidents. What an utter waste of police time to come as an emergency to our town hall protester who has tried for a decade to get help for his troubled adopted daughters without success, has stood through all weathers outside the town hall to get some sort of solution to his problems without success but now with a  CRASBO (criminal ASBO).  I have been similarly found it impossible to deal with Stockport Council – they won’t even accept my official complaint about anomalies regarding several millions of pounds.  I have publicly been branded rude and offensive and a liar with no evidence ever being produced.  Mr Parnell can’t and won’t give up because he needs to help his daughters.

I commend your officers for their treatment, in general, of Mr Parnell.  What a scandal that they have to have their time wasted by this soi-disant four star council.

Yours sincerely