Dear Chief Constable

I have now had a stalling reply from Stockport’s police commander.  If an effort is being made to make out that Mr Parnell is mad – and I can assure you he isn’t – then I must point out the case of the lady who jumped off the Humber Bridge with her 9-year-old autistic son.  Stockport Council issued an-after-the-event report pointing out that she was mad.  I doubt it, somehow, but driven to suicide by Stockport Council is a definite possibility.  I am trying to establish the facts in that case and the issue is with the Information Commission currently.  I have to point out that any inference on behalf of the police that Mr. Parnell is in any way mentally unstable will be vehemently disputed.

What an utter waste of police time this has all been – especially the incident of calling the police when he made one comment from the public gallery at a full council meeting and not one council officer would remain to explain to the police why they had been called. That would seem to me to be a criminal offence of wasting police time.

We will get to the bottom of all this however long it takes.

May I respectfully suggest that the Council are told to sort out this gentleman’s problems with regards to his human rights and his adopted daughters’ human rights and stop wasting police and court time.

I shall cc this to the local press and the Editor of the Guardian for their information.

Kind regards