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Dear Councillor Goddard

Super, the story gets bigger and bigger. Mr Parnell is just concerned about his girls.  He won’t give up. 

I wonder why no CCTV was shown at his original court hearing?  Have you seen the CCTV footage?  Who has seen the CCTV footage? I must ask a FOI about that. Pawprints – gathering pawprints.

Good to see you leafleting in Reddish tonight.  And, yes I do enjoy byelections.

Oodles of love


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From: Cllr Dave Goddard

To: sheilaoliver

Sent: Monday, July 20, 2009 5:40 PM

Subject: Mr. Parnell

Dear Sheila

Mr. Parnell was charged with breaching the ASBO on 16th and 17th July 2009 by entering the Town Hall. He appeared at Stockport Magistrates Court from custody on 18th July 2009. He was apparently adamant that he would not abide by bail conditions and so was remanded in custody to Forest Bank to appear today.

He did appear today. He pleaded not guilty and elected Crown Court trial. His next appearance is before the Magistrates on 14th September 2009. Today his solicitor applied for bail which was opposed by the CPS. The Magistrates did grant bail. I have attached the actual bail notice. His condition is not to come within 1 mile of the Town Hall. The only exception is when he is appearing in court or by prior written appointment made by his solicitor. There is no exception for attendance at any meeting within that exclusion zone and that was made clear to him. These conditions appear to be unambiguous. It is fair to say that Parnell was less than enthusiastic about these conditions.

Just keeping you in the loop.

Fondest wishes,


Ps, Glad you enjoyed the Stepping Hill by-election it makes it all worth it.