Tue 14/07/2009 07:33

Dear Chief Constable

Mr Parnell had the police called to him twice yesterday and the Council  threatened a third time but when I said they would have to arrest me too, they immediately backed down.

I don’t quite know what is going on here – Masonic links maybe – but you are putting your career on the line for this madcap case. The national press is now interested (evidence available on request).

If we look at the costs of this case – and I will in minute detail – 86 times the police have been called, 10 arrests, 2 court cases and now – I am guessing the High Court costs – for a sneeze is a scandal!  I am sure you will be aware as I am of the mood of anger in the country in times of deep recession with various fat cat chief executives, bent MPs and insane waste of taxpayers’ hard earned money. 

May I respectfully suggest that the police don’t respond when called out by Stockport Council to Mr. Parnell.  He has not been allowed to walk on any pavement in the town.  Have you any idea what the red top press would make of that alone?

I shall be keeping a watching brief.

Yours sincerely