Email sent – Fri 12/06/2009 19:34

Dear Mr Stunell

Thank you for your reply.  It would be nice if you could provide details of who you employ in your office, what their qualifications are and what their levels of pay are and also for what purpose the £5,000 paper folding machine was used.  If I have to rely on the Commons Fees Office, contact with the Daily Telegraph journalists or The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, then so be it.  I thought you might have learned the lesson of the past few weeks that openness and honesty is always the best policy. We shall see.

I had no expectation at any time you would help me regarding my problems with Stockport Council.  Now you have offered to do so, I shall send you all the details asap.  To have done so before and for you to send me a “I have noted your comments” letter in three months’ time would have been a waste of my efforts.

I was a sweet little thing, but prolonged contact with the Liberal Democraps has made me hard and cynical.  I shall try to atone.

Who said I don’t believe in a Supreme Being?  I believe in Councillor Goddard and he, like the Universe, is expanding exponentially.

I shall type out the details of how the Council has wronged me and let you have them.

As far as I am aware I was careful to say that Mr. Parnell had had the police called to him over 70 times.  I don’t think I said he had been arrested 40 times.  However, 9 arrests and having the police called out 70 times is a considerable waste of police time. Time after time I hear the Stepping Hill Councillors lambast the poor police representatives at SHAC for their failure to respond when local people call them.  Is it any wonder when they are having their time wasted by senior councillor officers at SMBC?

I look forward to receiving your help and your expenses details, as requested.