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Dear Ms Naven

No, I couldn’t open it either. I thought the Council would have better computers. I will get Mr. Parnell to resend it (he was in a particularly nasty prison last week for three days for using the public lavatory in the town hall against his bail conditions – the police called as an emergency with flashing blue light –  causing yet more distress to his already troubled adopted daughters).   Even the other prisoners were shocked by what Stockport Council had done to him.  Fancy Stockport Council’s name being mud even in a tough prison.  At least the prisoners have some moral standards, unlike our politicians.

I will get him to send it again in a readable format, if he has not yet again been sent to prison by this corrupt council.

Kind regards


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From: FOI Officer

To: Sheila Oliver

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Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 10:55 AM

Subject: RE: Fw: Freedom of Information GSA 2210/09

Dear Mrs Oliver,

I am unable to open the type of attachment you have provided. Please can you resend it in another format e.g. pdf?

Please also specify which requests – quoting Council reference numbers which have been provided to you either in our final response or acknowledgement – you now wish to be reconsidered. Once we receive these details and a copy of Mr Parnell’s authorisation which I am able to open, we will proceed with reconsidering your requests.

Yours sincerely,

Claire Naven

Claire Naven

Data Protection & Freedom of Information Officer

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

From: Sheila Oliver []
Sent: 16 July 2009 17:15
To: FOI Officer;
Subject: Fw: Fw: Freedom of Information GSA 2210/09

Dear Foi Officers

Attached is Mr. Parnell’s authorisation. Please proceed with answering the questions I asked of the police and of Stockport Council  regarding his case.

Kind regards


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To: Sheila Oliver

Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 10:25 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: Freedom of Information GSA 2210/09

Dear Sheila               Hello again its mike here, enclosed is my authorisation and full approval, use this to open up the council wrongdoings, and how must they are costing the council tax paying residents, if everybody knew how much was wasted and how much is being inappropriately spent we all might not want to give it in the first place, but we wouldn’t do that because we know that we need what we pay for, but do they, or do they care, well we will see if they have one once of conscience.   love and best wishes mike
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From: Sheila Oliver <>
Subject: Fw: Freedom of Information GSA 2210/09

Date: Wednesday, 17 June, 2009, 8:59 AM For info   Sheila —– Original Message —– From: Sheila Oliver To: Cc: ; John Schultz ; Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 8:57 AM Subject: Fw: Freedom of Information GSA 2210/09   Dear Sir   Many thanks for your reply.  So, this is purely a Data Protection issue and the information could be disclosed either with written consent from Mr. Parnell or if Mr. Parnell himself makes the request.   Very interesting!  It is quite scandalous the police time which has been wasted with this non-issue.  I shall see what happens in court and then decide how to proceed.   Kind regards   Sheila —– Original Message —– From: To: Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 3:12 PM Subject: Freedom of Information GSA 2210/09  
Dear Sheila

with reference to your recent Freedom of Information request to Greater Manchester Police, re Stockport town hall protestor,  please find attached your response:

Many thanks for your enquiry.  Please direct any response to the following email

kind regards

Philip A Humphreys
Information Access Officer
Information Governance Unit
GMP Headquarters
Direct Dial 0161 856 2511
Internal 62511
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