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Dear Ms Naven

Ah well, it would seem what goes around comes around.  It is actually illegal to have summoned the police to a peaceful protester at all. To have done so 70 times would seem a little de trop, don’t you think?

If this is a complicated request to deal with, then SMBC have made it so by their actions.

For example, on the night of the full council meeting when Councillor Derbyshire sneezed and in a Walter Wolfgang moment Mr. Parnell said from the public gallery:- “Arrest that Councillor”. (you will, of course, recall that he is in court on May 14th charged with assault with a sneeze with intent to inflict a council employee with a cold), whose decision was it to call the police that night?  The public has a right to heckle. Who decided to waste police time with this trivial matter?  Whoever it was couldn’t be bothered to wait around till the police came, so Mr. Parnell had to stand alone outside the Town Hall to wait for the police to come in order to explain to them why they had been called.  You really, really couldn’t make it up, could you?

So, as I personally am never interested in bringing the footsoldiers to account but rather the highly paid senior officers, I would like to see evidence of any senior council officer’s involvement in this case – which is the calling of the police to the peaceful town hall protester around 70 times.  I think that is a reasonable request.  If the Council doesn’t want to deal with such requests, then it shouldn’t keep breaking the law and repeatedly calling the police to a peaceful protester.

Kind regards


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Dear Mrs Oliver,

Thank you for your request for information below which has been given reference FOI 1831. Please quote this on any correspondence regarding your request.

Please clarify exactly what information you are requesting. You state you are requesting ‘any documents regarding the town hall protestor and the summoning of the police to him I believe 70 times’; however this is a very broad request. Please specify what type of information you are requesting in relation to this matter to enable us to deal with your request. Once we receive this clarification, Stockport Council will respond to your request within 20 working days. If there will be a charge for disbursements e.g. photocopying in order to provide the information, we will inform you as soon as possible to see if you wish to proceed; however such charges are usually waived if they amount to less than £10.

Yours sincerely,

Claire Naven

Claire Naven

Data Protection & Freedom of Information Officer

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

From: Sheila Oliver []
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To: FOI Officer

Subject: Re: Data Protection – Ref 1802 – Acknowledgement

Dear Ms Naven

It most certainly doesn’t clarify the situation.  I have asked FOI questions regarding SEMMMS.  I have never had the courtesy of an acknowledgment, never mind a reply.

Do try not to make things up as you go along – I have all the evidence.

As you have now stated I can ask anything, I would like to see any documents regarding the town hall protestor and the summoning of the police to him I believe 70 times.  Any background emails, minutes, letters, memos, etc, handwritten notes of telephone calls or meetings.

I would also like any evidence of my rude and offensive behaviour – I have been asking for this for years.

Lots of love


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