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Sent: 13 September 2009 18:46
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Subject: Banned from the town for a sneeze and sent to prison twice

Dear Minister for Justice

Mr Parnell, our gentle, peaceful town hall protester, got nowhere over a decade in dealing with the truly useless complaints department of Stockport Council regarding counselling for his troubled adopted daughters, so he stood on the town hall steps for two years in a peaceful protest.  He was continually harassed by some council employees, who called the police to him 90 times.  He had a court case dropped on the day of the hearing, was then arrested 12 times, spent 4 nights in a particularly nasty Manchester prison, appeared in court charged with assault with a sneeze (pre swine flu) with intent to inflict a council employee with a cold.  There is no evidence of this on the CCTV footage, which was not allowed to be shown in court.  He then got a CRASBO (criminal ASBO).  He was not allowed to enter the town centre. He was again arrested for using the town hall public lavatory and the police were called by the Council as an emergency for this, as the blue lights were still flashing on the police car later when I arrived at the scene.   This weekend, due to an incident with his troubled daughters, he wanted to attend the police station and was reported as being in breach of his bail conditions apparently by a council employee.  Mr. Parnell’s wife has heard nothing from him since and is at her wit’s end.  How can anyone go to prison for the alleged offence of sneezing?  How can they be sent back to prison for entering the police station?

Stockport  is a corrupt LibDem council where dissent from council taxpayers is stamped upon with a vigour which would make the Stasi blush.  We had the poor lady from Stockport – Alison Davies – who jumped off the Humber Bridge with her 9 -year-old autistic son.  We have another 18 year old just jumped off a tower block to her death after the Council was unable to assist her following her leaving care.  Mr. Parnell, his wife or his troubled adopted daughters could easily be the next suicide statistic.  Andrew Stunell, his local MP, pontificates in the press about the wrong people being put in prison but is useless in offering Mr. Parnell any assistance.

Please reply, Mr. Straw.  This is just as bad as the case of the poor football fan you have recently helped in such a magnificent fashion.  We will be dealing with suicides here if this goes on.  How utterly, utterly ludicrous for the council to have persecuted Mr Parnell in this fashion. Why couldn’t the Council just have provided him with counselling for his two troubled daughters which was what he wanted  and who had a truly terrible time with their birth parents and adolescence is bringing out understandably bad behaviour in them.  I must point out that Mr. Parnell says the police have been helpful and respectful and it is obvious they are being used a puppets by this corrupt council

How much has all this lunacy cost the taxpayer? 

Please, please get back to me.


Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner

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