Mr M S Parnell

Date 27th November 2007

Dear Mr John Schultz

Taken from Stockport Councils  web site and is quote what is written.

How Can You Give Us Your Compliments, Comments And Complaints?

Quote: “Stockport Council’s top priority is to ensure that excellent customer service is at the heart of the services we provide.

 Stockport Council’s top priority is to serve its customers effectively and courteously.

 We want to serve you effectively and courteously.

We know that sometimes things go wrong and, if they do, it helps us to know about it.

We welcome your complaint as an opportunity to help us put things right.

 We are also keen to receive constructive comments and suggestions on how we can improve our services to you.

When there is a problem we want to hear about it so we can try and sort it out without you having to make a formal complaint.

We will try to deal with your concerns as soon as they arise, but if we can’t or you are unhappy with the response you get, you may wish to make a formal complaint.

Complaints about our services are important and we treat them very seriously. We aim to:

  • Give you clear information on how to complain
  • Sort out your complaint as quickly as possible
  • Apologise when things have gone wrong
  • Make sure we put any problems right

We hope that the services you receive from us are of the quality you expect. However, we know that there may be times when you feel unhappy with the service you receive or you may want to make a comment about how we can improve it. We also hope that there may be times when you would like to tell us that you are happy with our services.”. unquote.

 I ask of you to read with an understanding and to fully take in, what is wrote in Stockport Council’s Customer Care Charter and then deal with my pending concerns that are brought to your attention and for you to deal with them in a professional and qualified manner.

Please understand that I have deep feelings of  great concern, over a number of issues and I feel the best and only way of dealing with them is to contact you and all the relevant departments.

My areas of concern is that as a Poll, Community or Council Tax paying resident of this Borough since December 1980 it is not satisfactory that I have had difficulties in accessing certain services, for whatever reasons this may be it is not acceptable that the time taken and the misunderstanding of the Councils under trained staff that my family and I  have had to endure and allowed to suffer the consequences.

What has been suffered  “that’s accountable to the councils failings”.

loss of:-

  • Basic Care for some of the most vulnerable  people, children from the care system.
  • Supportive Care under special family needs and circumstances.
  • Secondary Care to the supportive parent of the said children.
  • Financial assistance that has unjustly and immorally been taken away.
  • Life itself , time inappropriately spent fighting to get help.
  • Aspirations and dreams sense of being and achievement.
  • Self esteem is it  worth trying to better, just to be knocked down.

How has this left us feeling:-

  • Isolation and abandonment of a family that is in need.
  • Exclusion from having a normal family life because of damaging  issues.
  • Emotional wellbeing and distress of a traumatic situation.
  • Physical and unacceptable stressful issues are unbearable and even unbelievable.
  • Financially broken who will cover the cost to repair the damage.
  • How complex will the help now be in dealing with other avoidable issues.
  • Will it ever be put right can we be given a chance of help, to live normal family life.

Concerns to areas of issue.

I have read Stockport leaflet “Adoption Support Services” in which it states:

(the adoptive children) may have difficulties at school or at home – perhaps with relationships or behaviour – which mean that the child or your family need some extra help.

The Adoption and Children Act 2002 says that you are entitled to ask us for an assessment of your child or your familys adoption support needs..


  1. I consider that this family should be professionally assessed to see what support we can be given
  2. I consider that the children are facing difficulties and that we need some extra help I feel that they have developed issues as they have gone through traumatic times and through the care system.
  3. I consider the question Text Box: Chief Executive's Directorate
Town Hall, 
Edward Street, 
SK1 3XE.

Tel. No. 0161 474 3053/3001
who at any time as understood what these children really want and has the system and myself decided what is in their best interest without fully understanding how these children will deal with what they don’t like, none of us would do very well if we were forced to do things against our free will.
  4. I consider that we have not been provided with the help and support we need in a timely fashion and I ask you to investigate this to see what failings have been made in the past and what help can be made in the future.
  5. I consider that an assessment is needed to help repair the damage done by the past failings of not assessing earlier the issues of these adoptions. 


  1. I consider that the ban regarding me is unjustified and that the continued ban of myself from stopford house is unfair, as a council tax paying resident it is withholding some of the very things I am paying for.
  2. I consider that I was not causing a nuisance which led to the ban.
  3. I consider that I did not cause a disturbance at Stopford House and the ban is hurtful and damaging to my character I therefore ask for a formal review of why I was banned and for the ban to be removed.


  1. I consider that I did not adopt my children to make financial gain, in adoption this is against the law.
  2. I consider that there is a number of issues regarding in sorting out the council tax.
  3. I consider the delay along with the adoption issues have consumed  all of my time, day and night, awake and in sleep and in dealing with this along with all its stresses  the employment service as classed me as being unavailable for work and recommended to claim incapacity national insurance credits as a carer  in dealing with these issues.
  4. I consider that dealings over Council Tax Benefit in the timely fashion have caused hardship, and in that with my account being put on hold for a number of years because of a lack of understanding of the legal  problems  that are morally unjustifiably wrong, I therefore ask for a formal review of why there has been inconsistencies and timely delay to matters of dealing with this families needs and circumstances.
  5. I consider asking the Council to consider what answer of assistance it can provide in the existing circumstances.


  1. Why has the correct help never been given after guidelines have recognised a need for help in dealing with what is to be expected with hard to place sibling groups of children from the care system.
  2. Why has it taken so long after repeated requests to receive help that we are now in this situation that I am asking  this question “Why Is It Taking So Long” to get help with all issues relating to the adoption of these two needy Children, that it is with their Emotional Wellbeing, that remain paramount.
  3. Why is it in trying to get help have I been banned without justification from Council premises
  4. Why is it that  as a Council Tax paying resident can I not access certain Council Services in what is classed as every day normal family life we should all receive the standard of care required to our needs
  5. Why is it that the means tested benefits we receive are taken away immorally to cover other things that are over and above what them means tested benefits are meant  to cover, that is the basic standard costs of living for a family in our circumstances. there shall be no financial gain from adoption that is in law stated, and the enhancement that is paid  above the child premium should be disregarded. 




3.   I WISH FOR  RESPONSE OF ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS OF WHY Stockport Council’s Customer Care Charter