Email sent – Sun 30/08/2009 15:39

Anwar Majothi;; Cllr David White; Cllr Mark Weldon;; Donna Sager;; Michael Warburton; MICHAEL PARNELL; Syd Lloyd;; barry khan

Dear Mr Schultz

Please see the attached. Again, this young person has been let down by Stockport Council.  I note the Council decided to produce no report on Alison Davies, the Stockport lady who jumped from the Humber Bridge with her 9 year old autistic son, despite criticism of the Council in the Serious Case Review report.  All attempts by me to find out if she was persecuted by this Council for complaining, as Mr. Parnell has been, have been blocked by Donna Sager, Assistant Director of the Children’s and Young People’s Directorate, possibly the person who decided no report was needed on Ms Davies.

We have the probable death of the pensioner due to maintenance not being carried out in 62 council properties due to funds having to be diverted to deal the asbestos in schools issue, which another councillor claimed had been known about for years (court case April 2009). 

It is a testment to Mr. Parnell’s strength of character that he hasn’t himself committed suicide following the 90 times the police were called to him, 12 arrests, one court case dropped on the day of the hearing, one magistrate’s court case in which CCTV evidence was not allowed to be shown for an alleged pre-swine flu sneeze offence, four days in a particularly tough Manchester prison for breaching his CRASBO (criminal asbo) conditions in using the public lavatory at the town hall, for which he was arrested by police who came in a police car with flashing blue lights, so the police were called as an emergency.  Mr Parnell has been asking for help with his troubled adopted daughters for over a decade, he has spent a further  2 years on the town hall steps.  It is a wonder his daughters have not also decided to end their lives, given the extra problems this family has had to endure as a result of the actions of this council (four days in prison and a fine the family can’t afford).  To cap it all the Leader of the Council sent me an apparently gloating email about this decent chap being sent to prison and included confidential court documents. Why is the Council harassing and persecuting this man?

Finally, the decision to build a school, massively overbudget, not big enough for the children who need to attend, no room to hold a sports day, with dangerous traffic arrangements on a still gassing former toxic waste dump extensively dumped from 1954 to 1974 with NO contamination investigation pits dug over the site of the proposed school which is directly over the infilled tip will lead to more deaths.  In contravention of the Council’s fraud and financial irregularity policy, financial anomalies of circa £2.4 million  being brought to the attention of the Council have led to me being branded as a liar, rude, offensive and from September 1st apparently  über-vexatious.  Why is the man in charge of this appalling situation – Andrew Webb – lauded on  prestigious government committees?  Why doesn’t he spend time in Stockport sorting out this horrible mess?

There are more issues which I don’t want to talk to the Council about because the people telling me these things are scared of reprisals.  I shall send the details to the press.  Potentially, there are more suicides as a result of this.

I don’t suppose you will respond – you never do, Mr. Schulz.

Sheila Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner