Mr Vali

Please forward this to the villains mentioned.

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From: Sheila Oliver []
Sent: 17 August 2015 21:28
To: ‘’; ‘’
Cc:; Chief Constable
Subject: Closure of Stockport Magistrates Court.

Dear Home Secretary

Thank you so much for deciding to close Stockport Magistrates Court.

Then Leader of Stockport Council, Dave – now Lord – Goddard, the current Leader and Deputy Leader – Sue Derbyshire and Iain Roberts, the Chief Executives and Council Solicitors past and present at Stockport used their connections to the Magistrates  Courts to imprison a sick, innocent dissenter – who only asked for counselling for his lovely,  troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council

The Chief Constable went along with this lunacy until I finally embarrassed him publicly. Then the corrupt councillors and senior council officers fabricated council tax arrears against him to enable to keep taking him to court. He constantly had court cases hanging over him. They took money from completed earlier years to pay off fictional current debts. When he objected in the Magistrates Court he was told they weren’t interested in history.

He was imprisoned for an alleged assault with a sneeze.  It didn’t happen. The Council had CCTV of the alleged incident they would not allow to be shown at his Magistrates Court – when it was shown at his three day Crown Court appeal his appeal was granted.

Grubby local politicians like Derbyshire, Goddard and the rest of those running Stockport Council were able to waste ? 1000s of hours of court time persecuting an innocent man. They did things like call him to a meeting, phone  his home to cancel the meeting (he didn’t have a mobile phone at the time) then arrest him when he turned up for the cancelled meeting for being in the Town Hall without permission.  They arrested him to using the town hall loo when he had written permission from the then Chief Executive to do so. They arrested him three times one weekend for trying to get his name, address and signature removed from the Council’s website in a serious Data Protection breach.

Stockport Council is run by vicious and corrupt people totally devoid of a moral compass, and the closure of the Magistrates Courts seals off one avenue of persecution for them.

I told the CPS, I told Kier Starmer, I told the Crime Commissioner and his Deputy Dawg, I told the Chief Constable. The abuse and waste of court and police resources continued until Mr Parnell was hounded to death aged just 58, even being pursued by legal action for £24 council tax arrears he didn’t owe when they knew he was terminally ill in Intensive Care.

Again, thank you for shutting this corrupt institution, although I do feel sorry for the little people who have lost their jobs as a result of the closure.

Kind regards